How to Recover Deleted iWork Files on Mac for Free

When it comes to recovering files like iWork on Mac, the first thing that should come to mind is Time Machine Application. It is a built-in backup system provided by Apple in all of its computer systems be it MacBook®, MacBook Air®, MacBook Pro®, iMac®, Mac mini® etc. It is a great way for free mac data recovery which lets the user get back any kind of files back into the system including iWork files.

What exactly is Time Machine Application?

Time Machine application is a store which keeps compressed duplicates of the original folders. These files and folders could be recovered from here whenever needed. One can find an hourly backup of the system which sums upto 24 hours followed by weekly as well as monthly backup.

How to use Time Machine Application?

Using a Time Machine back up to retrieve backed up files is extremely easy. One simply has to go to ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu and select the ‘Time Machine’ icon. Find the timeline which consists of the iWork files and folders which are required to be retrieved and click ‘Restore.’

However simple and free data recovery on mac could be, there will always be a drawback or limitation connected to it. In this case, the user must know that using Time Machine Application could result in the consumption of a lot of time. Depending on the amount of the data which is required to be recovered, it could easily take hours and days to complete the process.

What is better than Time Machine Application?

A free mac data recovery software is a way more better option that Time Machine Application and Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac is one of the fastest softwares to save time in the data recovery process. To have a refined look on the features offered by Stellar, ponder over the below mentioned points:

  • Free: With Stellar Data Recovery Software, the user can recover lost data up to 1 GB which could include all kinds of Mac files including iWork files.
  • Data Recovery: Along with lost iWork files and folders, lost data like documents, photos, videos, audios, email and more could be recovered using this software.
  • Computer System: This software is perfectly compatible to recover data from devices such as MacBook®, MacBook Air®, MacBook Pro®, iMac®, Mac mini® etc.
  • Data Damage: The software is perfectly capable of recovering data from any kind of logical data damage including formation, deletion, etc. along with unmounted drives & corrupted media.
  • Mac: The software can not only recover data from Mac devices but also Mac external devices.
  • User friendly: The software is extremely easy to use which makes it user friendly. A person with basic computer knowledge can also use this software to recover data as no expert skills are required for data recovery.
  • File Formats: The software is compatible with all kinds of file formats found in Mac computer systems and hence this one software is enough to recover a large unit of data type.

How to use Stellar Data Recovery Software to recover iWork files?

It is extremely easy to use the free mac data recovery software offered by Stellar and here are the steps mentioned below to guide the user through the process:

    • Install and run the Stellar Data Recovery Software on the Mac computer system and open it.
  • Select the file type which is required to be recovered from the first window which appears on the screen.
  • After selecting the file type, select the location where the software is required to search for recoverable iWork files and more.
  • Toggle ‘Deep Scan’ and click on the Scan button so that the software could start searching for recoverable files in the selected location.
  • Once the search is complete, the software will create a list of the recoverable files. The user is required to preview these scanned files and make a selection of the ones which are required to be recovered.
  • Finish the process by clicking on the Recover button and finally saving them in a new location.


To recover deleted files or any other files on Mac, Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac is the best and free mac file recovery software for the process. Although Time Machine Application is also a great way to recover Mac files, it could not be as fast as the Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac is. Besides, the other exciting features which are mentioned above could be competed against and hence making the said software one of the best ones available.