The Advantages of Smart Wifi Camera and Door Lock

Technology today is evolving at a rapid rate, and most normal day to day household items are becoming smarter and more efficient. Safe electronic alternatives to practically everyday items are available in the market.

We can easily control our world with the click of a button from our smartphones. Our doors, lights, AC, TV, refrigerators, etc., can all be controlled with our smartphones’ help.

Most of us in Singapore have a traditional lock and key system in our house. It is the most basic security measured that everybody relies on. Since the invention of padlocks and similar mechanisms, people have not essentially upgraded their security measures. Of course, these measures are reliable; however, with modern technology, new improvements should be adopted in your life.

Get smart locks for yourself 

With the help of a smart door lock with its Wi-Fi enabled camera, your everyday security measures will be upgraded and boosted. Smart locks are the best entry point into the amazing world of Home automation. The world is evolving, and the technological advancements that we are witnessing should be adopted in life to make it much easier.

Smart locks make your front door more effective in keeping you safe. These amazing locks work with voice assistants, Wi-Fi, or even Bluetooth. The ones which are Wi-Fi and voice assistant enabled are the best in the market.

These locks come in all shapes and sizes as well as price. The technological market is continuously upgrading itself to bring state-of-the-art facilities to your household. Therefore, top-quality smart locks are available for you to purchase and keep all your worries out of the doorstep when you step inside your home.

The benefits of using a smart door lock

As mentioned earlier, your smart door locks are amazing and should be installed in every household. Of course, you would want to know in detail all the benefits it will bring to the table.

Therefore here are the best reasons why you should get the best smart lock available in the market for your home:

  • You will not have to remember to carry chunky keys

The whole concept of smart devices is to make your life more convenient. Therefore smart door locks are designed to be more convenient than your padlock system. Smart locks have a remote access feature along with voice control. They also have Wi-Fi enabled smart cameras with amazing resolution.

Most of us nowadays have Google assistant, Apple home kit, or Amazon Alexa. With just voice command, these voice assistants will lock your front door for you. You will not have to move a muscle even.

You can even use your smart lock to remotely control your door when connected to the home wi-fi. Sometimes, for this reason, you would have to purchase a small plugin Wi-Fi bridge. However, most smart locks nowadays come with this feature inbuilt.

Every once in a while, get the second thought that you have forgotten to lock your door. You do not have to feel anxious anymore as if such a blunder has been made, and then your smart door will send you a notification to your smartphone. You can then remotely close the door without any hassle.

  • Better protection

If you rent your house as an Airbnb or have babysitters coming or have cleaners coming to your place or even a person who has a lot of friends and family popping in often, then the smart lock will make your life easier.

Making new key copies or hiding a spare set under the doormat is not the best security measure. Anybody can duplicate the key and use it to steal all your possessions.

You can now give out the digital key and control when someone is allowed to enter your home. Some options allow roommates on other family members with unlimited access.

The inbuilt camera of the smart those with good resolution add to the security measure. You will be able to see your visitors very clearly and even communicate with them if your smart door has a microphone.

This feature is extremely helpful when you have a package delivered to your home, and nobody is there to collect it. With the click of a button, you can easily let the delivery person come inside your house and leave without any hassle. The door will monitor their every movement to ensure that your house’s safety is not compromised in any way.

  • Simple to use

Again with the help of the smart locks’ convenient designs, you will not have any hassle using them. Even those who claim that they are technologically incompetent will find that smart locks are very easy to use. They have been designed so that people of all ages will find them to be accessible.

  • Any smartphone can to use to access

Smart locks and there Wi-Fi enabled cameras are compatible with all smart devices. No matter what smartphone you have, you will have no problem using their mobile application to access your door.

  • It can be used to monitor other smart devices

Your smart door lock can be used to monitor other smart devices in your household. It simply means that whenever you go out of your front door and the house is empty, you can set up the door in such a way that it will shut off all devices.

It will save you more money, especially if you are a forgetful person. Your monthly electricity bill will thank you. It is also a great security device when you are entering your house, and you are automatically created with your lights switched on. You just have to sync up all your smart devices together.


With the latest wifi smart camera smart lock, you will be blessed with an amazing security system. We want to feel safe inside our house, and therefore, we take all the necessary security measures to keep it safe. This is why we need to use smart door locks and upgrade from the traditional padlock system.

There are plenty of smart locks available out there, and you will surely find the best one for you without any hassle.