Best Options & Steps To Update And Modernize Your Domino Server

Did you know a Domino upgrade offers a great opportunity to opt for new changes to the Domino infrastructure? That also involves an operating system or hardware upgrade.

So, whether your server has become outdated or is unable to keep up with the current traffic, upgrading can be a great solution. Even if you experience data loss because of hardware failure with Domino Support, you can consider upgrading or modernizing your Domino Server.

Best Ways to Upgrade/Revolutionize Your Domino Applications

Following are the different ways how you can proceed seamlessly.

  • Installing A New Version without Uninstalling the Current Version

If you use an outdated version, now is the right time to get Domino server V9.0.1 or above. This OS is compatible with the new Domino version. Also, the hardware should meet the requirements for the new version. The new identity of the Domino Server will remain as it is.

  • Installing the New Version on the New Hardware

This is the best option when the hardware or operating system cannot upgrade the server machine that supports the new version.

There are other options available for upgrading or modernizing your Domino Server based on certain requirements.

Steps to Update the Domino Server:

If you want to upgrade your Domino application, follow these steps:

  1. Stop your old Domino server
  2. Create the SMID databases’ backup under the folder that mentions ‘../data/SMD folder.’
  3. Now you need to uninstall SMID from your current server
  4. Upgrade to the Domino environment
  5. After this, install the SMID on Domino 8.0
  6. Apply most current patches and service packs to the SMID version
  7. Stop your Domino server and restore SMID databases
  8. Reload your Domino server accordingly

The modernization of Domino offers several advantages. You can get mobile access and more aesthetically pleasing apps. The cloud-native solution offers additional admin efficiency and saves time.

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