Why Should You Choose IPTV Over A Cable Connection?

Cable connections use coaxial cable to transfer RF signals and we get to watch whatever is broadcasted. But the scenario is pretty much different with IPTV. In simple words, IPTV is a term that refers to the transfer of signals over an internet connection.

And in the case of cable connection, the user gets to watch whatever is being broadcasted at that moment but IPTV services let you watch any TV shows or movies according to your choice.

Let us dig in deeper and get to know the differences at a much broader aspect:

·      Picture quality

The cable connection offers different types of set-top boxes on the basis of the standard of picture quality. Even the high definition comes in a number of varieties. And you get to choose according to your affording capability.

Though the high definition videos are transferred after compressing in the case of IPTV services, the users still do get to view an amazing and clear picture quality. And there are no such price variations on the basis of picture quality, unlike the cable connections.

·      Channel availability

Cable services offer a huge number of TV channels but most of them are not needed at all. But when it comes to IPTV subscription, you can get access to the channels according to your choice. Besides that, even a number of global networks are available too. And you are going to get access to the ones which you are willing to watch, neither more than that nor less. In the end, what more can you ask for when you are getting a customized experience?

·      User-friendly

The able setups are pretty easy to handle. Mostly a remote is being provided which is used to change the channels, increase or decrease the volume level, etc. besides these, a number of present-day cable connections offer DVD recording services while some lets the user save the TV shows for watching it later according to their convenience.

Whereas operating an IPTV box is totally similar to that of a TV. There are not really any such differences and hence one can easily adjust to its usage.

Even though the IPTV is one of the most blooming service providers of this era, cable connections are still ruling in the market. IPTV does offer a much better experience than cable connections but it has still a long way to go before flourishing.