Why Is Sitelock Considered The Best Website Security Solution?

When it comes to security, site owners need to ensure that the web hosting server and the website are both secure. They need to choose a hosting plan where the host takes all measures to keep the server secure. On the other hand, they need to use the right tools to keep the website protected too. SiteLock offers the following features that make it a good site security solution:

1: Vulnerability Scans

What is the best way to protect anything? Ensuring IBM support that there are no vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit, right? SiteLock offers proactive vulnerability scans that identify potential loopholes and patch them before they are exploited by a cyber-criminal. This is one of the best features of SiteLock and makes it the leading tool in website security services.

2: Firewall

For any website, a firewall is the first line of defence against cyber-attacks. A website firewall monitors site traffic and ensures that anything that looks dangerous is kept away from the web server. This is a good way to block attacks initiated using bots. Further, SiteLock sends the site owner an alert if it identifies any malicious traffic. It also attempts to track the source for better security management in the future.

3: Web Application Scan

A website uses many applications to offer a unique site experience to visitors. SiteLock ensures that all applications used by a site are scanned for vulnerabilities too. Application developers release updates regularly to boost security. However, sometimes, the updates are not stable and can cause security issues. SiteLock checks the application catalogue and ensures that the updated versions are in sync with it.

4: A visible sign of security – build trust

Online users are concerned about the security of the information provided by them. They expect site owners to take all precautions to provide a secure browsing experience. While SiteLock scans your site for vulnerabilities, it also displays a seal on the website that allows users to trust that the website has been scanned for security issues. This helps build trust with site visitors and boosts the image of your brand.

The following video further explains how SiteLock is beneficial for site security:

Summing Up

Security is an important aspect of your website. In fact, most search engines dock SEO points for sites that have frequent security issues. Also, users tend to stay away from websites that are frequently facing security issues. Hence, it is important to ensure that you don’t leave any stone unturned to keep your site secure. Earlier, only larger websites needed to be worried about getting hacked. However, today, hackers target sites of all sizes and exploit them for different reasons. Hence, site owners cannot get complacent with security. As you can see above, SiteLock has some excellent features that make it one of the best website security solutions around.