Why HostingRaja is the Best Indian Web Hosting Company in 2021?

Looking for a hosting provider based in India? Need a web hosting company for all your WordPress hosting solutions? We’ve got the best one for you! Opt for “HostingRaja” today and get the finest out of the lot. We are here to tell you why it’s the best.


HostingRaja was founded in the year 2012 by Dhanasekar Mani, Director of OVI Hosting Pvt. Ltd. which is the Parent company, since then it has become the fastest-growing Indian hosting provider & domain registrar. In this new era of a ‘self-dependent India’, The company has up to 1,50,000 trusted customers that are going #vocalforlocal. It has been credited as the fastest Indian host tested in GTMetrix, with an average fully loaded time of 1.4 seconds.

Their hosting service is optimized using a LiteSpeed server with an affordable hosting price generated especially for the costumers which also include premium and unlimited plans. Their services are excellent and provide a free SSL certificate which keeps the visitors’ browsing private and it adds a layer of security with the help of encrypting traffic between the server and the browser, this also helps in the search engine ranking. It also comes with an amazing server response time to the users.


  1. Free Emails

The company provides free emails with no limitations on the accounts and the sites hosted by the user. The number of sites can be added as needed and related to the RAM, CPU, and Inode limitations. The server offered for this purpose can be used completely without any restrictions.

Fully secured website their security is one of the unique features and it hands down the best security providers in India compared to other web hosting service providers.

  1. SSL certificate

A free SSL certificate is provided which binds together A domain name, server name, or hostname and is necessary for secure credit card transactions, data transfers, and logins.

  1. Usage of RAID

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) is used to increase the performance and the reliability of data storage. This service comes in pre-installed and has different options to choose from. Their options include RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 or 10. For maximum safety RAID 10 is the most suitable and if you’re looking for both security and data storage then RAID 6 is suitable.

  1. LiteSpeed server

Fast and secure service with optimized cache is included; faster loading with compression. Static content is up to 5 times faster and dynamic up to 10 times when compared with others. PHP is up to three times faster than Apache. A 5 to 10 GB database is provided which counts up to 10,000 MB of space which has usually been well enough for the users.


  • VPS: Powered by VMware, KVM, and OpenVZ.
  • WordPress with India’s most trusted security base.
  • Dedicated hosting server
  • Autoscale cloud
  • NodeJS
  • Java with the latest JRE and JSP support.

All the services can be enabled according to the usage of the customer. The pricing is set differently for each service at an affordable amount.


The company has come up with an affordable and user-friendly plan for all of its customers as it has a variety and different plans that have been set-up for their customers to meet their needs exactly.

The unlimited plans are the most popular ones that the customers usually like to go with. Given below are the plans provided-

  • Gold – Best for corporate website@ ₹161/month
  • Silver – Best for small business website @ ₹85/month
  • WordPress Silver – Best for Blog website @₹149/month

       Premium and unlimited plans include-

  • Premium corporate plan – hosts unlimited data @₹287/month
  • Premium SME- Best for high traffic portal @₹226/month
  • Unlimited plan – Best for medium traffic portal @₹204/month

*all of the prices mentioned above are the current prices given on the official website and are subjected to change according to the service provider. They also provide a discount on the first order.

The company’s happy Indian customers include News 11 live channel, IIM Raipur, India Cement Investment Services, Nagpur Railway Police. Co-op Bank Ltd. Kolhapur and many more. You can see user reviews by our satisfied customers who will show you why HostingRaja is the best Indian Web Hosting company in 2021!