What is Communication Technology

In the 1980s, people formulated the first generation of communication technology called 1G. It refers to the original analog, voice-only cellular phone.

We must nominate the famous Bell Labs when talking about 1G. In the 1980s, Bell Labs developed the first mobile cellular phone system in the United States. After its promotion, the system achieved outstanding results. At the same time, various countries were not to be outdone. NMT-450 network in Northern Europe, C network in Federal Germany and TACS in Britain all emerged. Among all kinds of 1G systems, AMPS in the United States is the most popular. Motorola represents the mobile phone of that era.

The biggest difference between 1G and 2G is from analog modulation to digital modulation. The main systems are GSM, TDMA, PDC, etc. 2G is more confidential than 1G. It can realize mobile phone Internet access. But its transmission rate is low and the network is unstable. Such as Nokia’s cell phone.

The arrival of 3G is different. It combines wireless and Internet to form a brand-new system. This technology can do many things. Such as processing photos, processing media, etc. Whether out or not, inside or outside the car, it can provide at least 144Kbps transmission speed. Samsung entered the market at this time.

4G mobile phones have improved and upgraded on the basis of 3G. Developing new technologies to make more stable. Its transmission rate has been a great improvement. HUAWEI HONOR 10 Lite uses 4G technology. With the 4G network, we can do a lot. The real-time uploading of pictures and videos. The real-time connection between the two mobile phones. And it has been a huge improvement in downloading. With smooth compatibility and clear quality.

The arrival of 5G storm makes HUAWEI stand in all over the world. The transmission rate of hundreds of Mbit/s. Super-large network capacity. The linking ability of hundreds of billions of devices. They all meet the requirements of Internet communication. And the spectrum efficiency has increased by more than ten times. 5G networks are moving towards diversity, integration and intelligence. After 2020, mobile data traffic will show explosive growth. Our life will grow under the blessing of 5G.