Ways To Portray A Different Summer

Summer has arrived and when we think about the photos the first thing that comes to mind is the shore of the beach or the pool, people in swimming trunks, sunsets at sea or the beach bar and most someone bathing in the river, climbing the mountain sweating the fat drop and But summer is much more. This station offers as many possibilities as there are waves in the sea.

Under The Wate Half

We are not going to run away from the shore of the beach at all, which also has its advantages. Of course, you can do something very different, capture the bottom at the same time as the surface.

Summer Flowers

Because flowers are not just spring, summer also has its classics that you cannot miss. Here are some tips for getting attractive flower images. You can also take advantage of portraits in flower fields, work with a macro, or photograph lavender fields or their collection, to give you some ideas.

Dream Places

Summer is a great time to visit gardens, castles, and other movie-worthy places. It is worth taking your camera and take advantage of every corner you can discover. And don’t just stay in the style of this photograph, abandoned places also have a lot of photographic charm!

Wheat Fields

Not everything is a beach, pool or river. Summer is a great opportunity to photograph the wheat fields. Surely you have ever seen attractive photos of straw bales or ears of wheat.

The Other Vacationers

Yes, the beach is very attractive in summer, and it is difficult to resist portraying it, but since today the article is going to capture a different summer, I suggest that instead of photographing the typical vacationers, those of flesh and blood, look for others also animated and just as interesting.