The Popular Varieties Of RuneScape Pures For Sales

In RuneScape, pures are those accounts that players build by focusing on a single skill while keeping low proficiency in other skills. Pure accounts are valuable and highly valued among RuneScape players. One can even find several websites with RuneScape pures for sale

Players who have the time and patience to build their pures can develop any kind of pure accounts. However, others who plan to buy accounts from a trusted source need to know the different kinds of pures that websites generally offer. 

The most prominent pure account types

  • Void pure

Here, the player uses Void Knight Armour Bonuses to get high hits. Void pures carry a low combat level. In a PvP setup, void pures are considered very safe as they carry little or no risk during fights. Players who want to play void pures build high ranged levels. On the other hand, they also maintain low melee stats. The desired combat level of void pures is between 70 and 100. 

  • Dragon pure

Dragon pures need to same stats that are required for dragon tier – 60 defense and 60 attacks. Dragon pure combined with Dragon Claws special attack form a deadly combination. 

  • Rune pure

Pures with 40 defense fall under this category. Rune pures can use Fight Torso and Dragonhide body to achieve a better defense capacity. With this defense level, players have access to Vengeance, which is the most powerful spell in the PvP game. The pure is more popular among players in the f2p community. 

  • One defence pure

One defence pures happen to be the most popular of all pure accounts. They can be considered as killing machines in PvP environments. Players skip the defense skill and usually keep it at one. Defense pures require low combat level and high damage output. As theOne defence pure is quite powerful, it takes a lot of time to build one. Many players use One defence pures exclusively for killing rather than for gameplay. 

Adjusting the stats

Those who buy pure accounts need not worry about the stats or skill levels. The accounts are pre-trained by the seller. But those who wish to build a pure account on their own should know how to maintain the stats. As defense is the least required skill for PvP games, it is the most suppressed skill. According to the player’s needs and the kind of purity they wish to develop, one should suppress the right skills.