Reviewing electric standing desks: Pros, cons, and features!

Sitting for long hours at work can impact your spine, cause weight gain and back pain. A simple solution would be to buy a standup desk, also called a standing desk, or sit-stand desk. This kind of desk allows you to switch between sitting and standing positions, by adjusting the height of the desk. The standard standing desk is designed for manual adjustment, but now we have electric models, which are much easier to use. You can check for something like PrimeCables electric standing desk, which has great reviews. In this post, we are reviewing electric standing desks in general.

The basics

So, what exactly is an electric standing desk? This kind of desk is powered by a motor, which allows one to adjust the height of the desk at the push of a button. Most electric standing desks are designed to work smoothly and swiftly, so you don’t waste any time in changing positions, which is again an important factor for productivity and getting work done. Many also have additional features, like preset settings, keyboard tray, footrest, and an add-on desk raiser, which will add to the cost. Also, many desks do not come with the table top, so you will have to buy that for an extra price.

How to compare different electric standing desks?

Features obviously determine the cost of each model, and some of the premium ones can cost more than $1,000. Keep in mind that your needs should be the priority. For instance, you may want a bigger desk if you have to use two or more monitors at the same time. Also, the number of settings, an LCD-touch panel are other features that are worth considering before buying one. For home office & personal needs, it is always wise to do some initial homework on the basic models and select something that’s easy to use and doesn’t complicate things at work.

Where to buy?

There are many online stores that stock electric standing desks, and these stores often have the best price, thanks to limited overheads. Review some of their products, check if there is any warranty on the motor, and what all is included for the price. A desk is like the most essential investment for your workplace, and it makes sense to spend a tad more for a slightly better option.

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