OPPO A5s is a model of an OPPO smartphone company. They launched this model in 2019. This model is growing more and more. This means a lot of people are demanding for this smartphone. Because it has special features and some basic features which you can use it in your daily life without any issues, so I will tell you about certain main features and special features about this smartphone.

Camera Quality of OPPO A5s

On the existing time, there are a number of social apps growing across the world. To communicate with other countries, people and our family, friends, and many more. To use this, you have to upload a photo of yours to know the other people you are using this social account. So, to upload a picture, you want a clear and nice picture where you can capture it any time and any place without causing any problem to capture bad quality photos. So, this model gives you the option that you can capture the photos at night.

This means you can click your pictures at even dark places where there is no light, but your picture will clear, and all the things in the picture will be seen clearly. The camera quality of the oppo a5s smartphone is 13+2 megapixel rear camera. And the front camera is eight megapixels. The setting of the smartphone has ISO control and exposure compensation. The rear and front camera has autofocus. The sensor present in this phone is CMOS. The main part of the image resolution is 4128 × 3096 pixels. The one more finest feature is that the focus of the camera is fixed. And LED flash is there like other smartphones but only in the rear camera.

The video recording is 1920 × 1080 @ 30 fps. While shooting time, you can shoot it in HDR mode means high dynamic range mode. You can shoot the video continuously without any problems. The sensor size of 8 megapixels is 4.0. The normal camera setup is only one. The physical aperture F2.0.



Special Features Of OPPO A5s

So there are certain special features in this smartphone. The first is a light sensor. This means it knows which light is present now and what focus the light is focusing on the camera. There is an option available on the smartphone for adaptive brightness. This means you have to set the brightness of your phone all the time according to the environment, as if it is a day you keep it in medium brightness.

And if it is the night you keep the level low. So why wasting time adjusting the brightness. In adaptive brightness, when you are on this setting on your smartphone, you do not have to continuously change the setting. The sensor will automatically detect the light and adjust the display brightness accordingly. It has a compass where you can see which side is north, south, east, and west. And there are two more sensors, which are accelerometer and proximity sensor.