How Does VPS Hosting Benefit High Traffic Websites?

Of the endless list of responsibilities of a site owner, managing site traffic is one of the more important ones. When your advertising and/or marketing strategy succeeds, and people start visiting your website in large numbers, the real test of your hosting service and the web server begins. If it is unable to manage the increasing volumes, then it is a cause for concern. There are numerous hosting providers available, company and resellers, and different types of hosting plans like Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Shared Hosting, etc. Today, we will focus on VPS Hosting and look at how it benefits high-traffic websites.

How Does VPS Hosting Benefit High-Traffic Websites?

Let’s look at the benefits of VPS Hosting plans for high-traffic websites:

1.     Resource Scalability

In VPS Hosting, your website resides on a virtual server and has dedicated processing power, RAM, etc. These resources, along with other features of the VPS, offer better site performance even in high-traffic conditions. For sudden traffic spikes, a VPS offers resource scalability to make more resources available to handle the increased load. Since a virtual server has an isolated environment, adding resources is easier. You can also install software or applications and customize the environment as per the needs of your site for better traffic management. Account isolation of a VPS also ensures that if one virtual server experiences heavy traffic, the performance of other VPSs is not affected.

2.     Advanced Security

A DDoS attack usually masks itself as a traffic spike and causes havoc on the server. There are other attacks that target high-traffic websites because the server is busy processing volumes of requests exposing a few vulnerabilities. Hence, for high-traffic websites, security must be a notch higher. Apart from being able to fight against such threats after the attack, a hosting plan must be able to monitor early signs and prevent them from happening. The architecture of VPS Servers makes it easier to monitor security threats and implement preemptive solutions. Also, account isolation plays its role in not allowing one infected virtual server to be a threat to the others.

3.     Quick and Easy Backups

Even if you deploy the latest security tools and install the most advanced antivirus and antimalware software, there is a possibility that one threat manages to get through and corrupt your system as well as data. While fighting the threat remains the priority at such times, ensuring the safety of your data is equally important. Hence, backing up your website is critical to the process of securing it. VPS Hosting allows you to make quick backups of your website and restore them seamlessly if needed. Even if the web host offers a feature of automated daily backups of your site on the cloud and a redundant storage system, it is important that you take a local backup of your site data regularly too.

Summing Up

As you can see, by virtue of its design, a VPS Hosting plan solves most of the hosting-related problems faced by high-traffic websites. You can get similar features with a Dedicated Server too. However, the cost quotient increases since dedicated servers host one website on one physical server. Research well and look at all aspects before buying any hosting plan. Good Luck!