Dedicated server hosting – tips when making a choice

If the time comes that you have finally decided to upgrade to a Dedicated Server Hosting
, you have to remember that not all dedicated servers are the same. So, when choosing a dedicated server hosting provider, there are key factors you have to keep in mind. Such factors will be discussed below.

  • Operating system – Make sure you have the freedom to choose the operating system. One thing you have to see to it is that the operating system must meet the demands of your business. It would be an advantage if the running software is compatible with the existing version of the operating system. 
  • Server configuration system – Other relevant features have to be considered too such as the ability to control the system through the server, establishing SSH/RDP access, and easy and safe access of the server configuration system. 
  • Choice of hardware – Choose a hosting provider that can offer a variety of hardware options. It requires someone to be techy to thoroughly understand hardware choice, but a highly reputable hosting provider will walk you through the process and would recommend something that suits the needs of your business. 
  • Security features – Another important thing to remember is that your business is vulnerable during downtime. There is a possibility of a data breach, especially in businesses that handle personal and financial information. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to check the security features and make sure they are of top-notch performance. Security features should always be the top priority. These include intrusion management, firewalls, DDoS protection, prevention from virus and malware, spam filtering methods, IP addresses, and SSL certification. 

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