An In-Depth Analysis Of Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570


The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570 is a two-socket 1U server that is available to use for both small and medium scale businesses and larger organizations. It provides a perfect combination of storage, memory, and performance. This combination makes them highly flexible. The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570 is a prominent choice for software-defined solutions. The model of SR570 contains two Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs. Therefore, the SR570 is suitable for all the specifications and can cover everything in a 1U frame.

Specifications Of Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570

Following are the specifications of the server:


The ThinkSystem SR570 has two configurations: four 3.5-inch large form components in the front and ten 2.5-inch small form components. The right side of the system contains the on/off switch, USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 port, status LEDs, and elective VGA port. On the other hand, the rear side of the server includes two flippable PSUs, two USD 3.0 ports, and a LOM slot card. 

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570 also contains a connector to handle storing of the boot. It makes them ideal for the user to configure the customization of the case. 


The Lenovo SR570 proffers XClarity for managing ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile systems. The primary benefit of XClarity is that it consolidates and smoothens hardware resource management. It also allows the accuracy and power of somatic materials with the help of outer high-level management equipment. The main screen of the management system offers everything for the users to see swiftly and effortlessly. The Health Summary, Power Utilization, System Information and Setting, Quick access, and Remote Console Preview are the five fundamental windows for management. 


The Sysbench MySQL database evaluates the average transactions per second (TPS), median 99th percentile latency, and median latency. On the other hand, application testing works the best when it comes to benchmark storage arrays. After that, one can use synthetic testing. This type of testing assists in baselining storage devices that has a repeatability determiner that makes a great comparison of competing solutions. These tests authorize us to revolve the exact workload in a vast range of storage equipment. 


The ThinkSystem SR570 is a dual-socket 1U server whose main objective is to make visualization and cloud computing, application development, web serving, and infrastructural security. Therefore, the SR570 is a flexible server that is suitable for all types of configuration choices.