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8 Important Questions To Ask PPC Reseller Services Partner Before You Sign Them

If you are a small business or startup, it’s important to hire a PPC reseller that is right for your company. A good PPC reseller will help you reach more customers and increase sales. However, there are many PPC resellers out there who can’t deliver the results you want. But before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important to ask some questions first. Here are 8 important questions to ask any PPC reseller services partner before you sign them:

  • Do You Offer Any Free Trials?

This is another important factor when choosing a PPC reseller service, as it will allow you to get an idea of how the company works before committing yourself. Many providers offer free trials of up to two weeks in length so that you can test out their services and see if they’re right for your business. If they don’t offer free trials, ask how long they would need to set up an account with them before they could begin managing your PPC campaigns.

  • What Do You Charge?

The cost of PPC reseller services is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a provider. The first step is to ask for a quote from each company you are considering and then compare the prices. It’s important that you understand what you’re paying for, so make sure to ask how much it costs to manage multiple accounts at once (you’ll probably want this). Be sure to ask about any additional fees as well.

  • What Else Do I Need To Pay For?

Most PPC resellers offer a variety of other services, such as social media management, web design and development, email marketing, content creation and more. These are all valuable skill sets that can help grow your business, so make sure you find an agency that offers everything you need — not just PPC management!

  • Are There Contracts Involved?

The answer to this question is always yes. The agreement between you and your PPC reseller should be clear in terms of what the two parties are responsible for, what they are not responsible for, how long it will last, how much it will cost and how much notice each party needs to give if they want to terminate the agreement.

  • How Long Have You Been In Business?

It’s important to find out how long your PPC reseller has been in business because it tells you whether they have been successful at meeting customer expectations over time. If they have only been in business for a short period of time, ask them about their experience working with other customers (this can be done by asking for references). Another way is to ask them about their training program; if they have one dedicated specifically to PPC resellers, that’s a good sign!

  • When Do I Get Billed, And How?

Many PPC reseller services partners will bill on an ongoing basis. This means that you will be paying each month for the service that they provide. The amount that you pay each month will depend on your agreement with the reseller and what they charge for their services. Some resellers may offer special pricing if you sign up for multiple months at a time, but this can vary from company to company.

  •  Can You Provide References Of Real Clients Who Are Satisfied With Your Service?

This is one of the most important questions that you can ask when working with a new PPC reseller. It will give you an idea of how experienced they are in this field, as well as how satisfied their current clients are with their work. A good PPC expert should be able to provide references from previous clients who are willing to speak about their experience working with them!

  • Will I Be Working With A Single Ppc Account Manager Or A Whole Team?

A big part of choosing a PPC reseller is knowing who will be managing your account and how often they’ll be communicating with you. If you’re looking for more hands-on attention, it’s important to make sure that you’re not going to get lost in the shuffle at an agency with multiple clients. If you’re looking for someone who can manage multiple accounts at once, then this is an important factor as well. It’s also helpful if your potential reseller has experience working with similar businesses like yours in the past — this makes it easier for them to understand your goals and priorities.


In the end, if you’re looking for PPC reseller services, you should be asking yourself if they will work well with your business needs. You want to make sure that the company has a sufficient number of resources, that they are willing to learn more about your industry, and that they are open to employee development. While there are dozens of other important questions you can ask, these will get you started on the right foot.