Why we use an android technology?

Since the launch of the Android system and the other OS technology, there has always been a debate about which is the best and which is the average. It is quite standard for OS and smartphones to be in competition with each other because that is what happens when there are two OS that has much to offer to its customers.

Smartphones have become an accessory and also a statement of your style, preference, and social class as well. However, with the launch of new versions of these OS every other day, the competition has been getting pretty tough and stringent.

However, the people who use the Android smartphones and the ones who use an IOSor any other Smartphone have their reason for sticking with that specific technology. It is all about the features, the quality as well as the type of experience a smartphone provides its user that matters.

Here are some of the reasons why people love using the Android technology.

·        Wide range of applications:

When you have an android technology, you have some different applications that you can download for free. The wide range and variety of different apps are what makes the android technology stand out from other OS. Although Android was released in 2007 and was considered to do just well in the market, it has taken over the smartphone market, and it is because of its applications feature. You can get the many applications from the Google store, but you can also get a Free APK Download which provides a wide range of Android specific apps.

·        Social network:

One of the reasons that a lot of people go for the android technology is because of the social networking features that it allows. Android is all about offering convenience as well as high-quality features to its users. You will find all the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Google talk Etc. There is also the option of downloading some different apps like a navigation app, Etc.

·        High quality:

One of the reasons why people love using an android over other smartphones is because of its reasonable price, yet high quality. In an Android phone, you will find many features from touch screen to GPs and other features that you may also find in any other smartphone. But, in an android, all these apps and any others will be of the best quality ever. So, not only are you getting a phone that does not cost you half your life’s savings, but this android phone is also of the best quality and of many interesting and useful features too.

·        User  friendly:

Another feature that the Android users appreciate is that this smartphone is user-friendly and attractive. These smartphones are easy to use and navigate, and there are many uses of the features that they have. Function wise, as well as look wise the android technologies, is amazing. You can literally do anything by using them. People are doing businesses, controlling bank accounts and exchanging currency, all because of android phones.