What are the benefits of a document management solution?

The distribution of incoming and internal documents, as well as the processing of their data, are time-consuming activities that are subject to manipulation error. These errors sometimes cause the dispersion or loss of documents, resulting in a waste of time and can even cause serious problems to the proper functioning of the company.

The implementation of the Document control Sweden system and workflow eliminates operational difficulties and offers the following advantages:

  • Dematerialization of documents and associated distribution processes;
  • Automation and standardization of work processes;
  • Management of all corporate information in a centralized manner;
  • Standardization of documents, procedures and archiving criteria;
  • More speed in the distribution, access and processing of documents;
  • Greater control and security of information and information flows (documents and records);
  • Efficiencies of administrative efficiency and procedure, with consequent reduction of operating costs;
  • Reduced your need for physical storage and the cost of photocopying and printing
  • Ability to measure resource efficiency.

Some statistics on Dokument kontroll in companies:

  • On average, each employee lost 12% of their time looking for documents on the desktop or in the archive.
  • 90% of the documents we work every day are mixed with other documents.
  • 80% of the handwritten documents are never consulted.
  • 50% of all documents in your archive are duplicated or out of date.
  • 30% to 40% of all recorded information can be scanned for immediate destruction of their original.
  • Document management is one of the 10 activities that requires more time in a business.
  • 15% of the documents processed are lost.
  • 5% of all documents that are lost are unrecoverable and 3% are poorly stored.
  • On average, each document is copied 9 times.