Saving Money on Web Design Using Domain.Com Website Builder

In the late nineties, building your own website used to be a time-consuming endeavor that only a few could do. But thanks to webhosting companies like you can build your own website, host it on their platform, enjoy excellent customer support, and a variety of other web services. is primarily a domain name registrar and webhosting services provider. However, they also offer additional web services such as web development. allows you to choose whether you want to leave the design in the hands of professionals, who will follow your specifications to a T, or do it yourself using the tools provided by the website. If you chose the latter you can pick from any well -established CMS platforms like WordPress to create your website or use the Website Builder to build it yourself.

A DIY approach to website building

Building your website by yourself is the best way to turn your ideas into a reality. And the best part is that you don’t need to know any coding. Forget learning HTML, PHP, CSS, WordPress, etc. All you need to do is use the Website Builder at to create a beautiful and functional page.

This is made possible by the Website Builder’s easy-to-use software, which allows you to customize your template by simply clicking and dragging elements into a design panel. The result is a professional-looking website that was built using a fraction of the time and money that would cost hiring a design team.

The pros and cons of using website builder software


Speed of work: Once you have an idea of how your website is going to look and what is going to do it’s very easy to build it quickly. All you need is to log in to your website, select one of the available themes, and choose which items you want to use.

No need for technical skills. Website Builders offer a wide variety of design features, so you can make a page that looks and feels professional very quickly and without needing to use any technical skills whatsoever.

Low cost solution. Website builders are also easy on your budget since the most you will have to invest is your time and a few dollars. Hiring the services of a web design team can be expensive, costing over $249.95 per month at By comparison, you will only need to pay from $6.75-$11.95 to access all the features of the Website Builder. In the same price you can pick a domain name for your site. discount codes: coupons can reduce the price of the Website Builder by an extra 25%. Also, if you apply coupon code “DOMFREE” you can register a domain name for free


Poor customisation and speed. However, the downside of using the Website Builder is that your website won’t be as customizable or well backed-up as those built by web designers. Your page will also load slower and have less bandwidth, which could be a problem if you’re expecting to have many visitors.

Ultimately, however, which building approach is best for you will depend on your budget and what goal you wish to accomplish with your website.

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