5 tell-tale signs that indicate it is time to move to cloud web hosting

Every business that is thriving online is because of the support of a solid hosting infrastructure. With more and more opportunities growing in the online space, security and scale become a concern along with real-time stability and web-traffic issues.

Are these concerns on the top of your mind when you are running your business online? We suggest you to move to cloud web hosting which is not just an option but a huge advantage. If you are using a web hosting service that is not up to the mark, here are some pointers that indicate that you should opt for cloud web hosting service and put a final nail into the coffin of your current one.

Restricts Growth & Scale

When you are planning to grow your business through the web, your data stored will inevitably grow. Which means storing this large amount of data becomes essential. But, as you create more and more such pits to store data, one feels the need to place this consolidated data on a single server which can provide service to multiple clients at the same rate at which you grow your business. So if your hosting doesn’t allow you to move at the pace you want to, it’s time to switch. Another sign that coincides with planning to scale online is when you find that your hosting’s tech support takes ages to react to your issues. It’s okay to not have patience and comply with them when you have a ready option that takes this worry away.

Lack of On-demand Service

You always don’t have the time to wait for tech support to assist you, but on the other hand you also don’t want to risk the suspension of your site for disturbing the services of other sites on your server. This paralyzing situation can be averted by moving to cloud web hosting to avoid server downtime and most of all time wastage. Moving onto cloud web hosting will also amplify the resources available to you as and when you need them.

Security Issues

If you have ever felt that your data doesn’t have enough layers of encryption or security codes to protect from phishing, ransomware or other hacking tactics, it is time you move to a more secure solution. Moving to cloud web hosting will provide total protection to valuable data, passwords and other user information. Moreover, managed cloud web hosting provides security against DDoS attacks and also helps you detect and prevent data intrusion.

Frequent Server Breakdowns

If you are a user heavy website which has traffic during different business cycles, you may have experienced a server breakdown at some point in time. This happens often if you are running an eCommerce shopping website on servers which doesn’t support large traffic. Now, say if you are running a campaign that is promoting a discount on some of your products in a festive season, and suddenly there is a  traffic spike on your website, there is a very little chance that your website will be able to provide service to so many customers.

In case of a server breakdown, you may not only lose new customers on your website but also disappoint your existing ones. This leads to a situation of damage control which may include temporary hosting to another server. If you are already wary of this, or if you have experienced this before, we suggest jump the ship right now by opting for cloud web hosting instead of drowning yourself with it later on.

Unsteady in Real time

Most businesses feel that their web hosting is geared up for real time action. When we say ‘geared up’ we don’t mean a basic query support or data recovery options. When web traffic is high, your website should be equipped with server health and security monitoring, frequent configuration backups, on-demand server cloning in case server goes down and easy plug-in installations for your wordpress hosting website. If you have ever felt that your current hosting plans lack any one of these, you know what to do. Cloud web hosting provides you a robust support of all of these features and completely terminates the chances of inconsistent service to your users.

As an organization you should see to it that these obstacles are taken care of by choosing a solid online policy for the simple reason that your business’ online framework corresponds to brand reputation, trust and performance which affect your business’ revenues in the end. Choosing a cloud web hosting provider for your business will cover most of these concerns. But most of all provide you a hassle-free service.