5 Best Mobile Games of Java


Java had been the first software and so far the best in providing or creating mobile games which are available for play in most smart mobile phones. Tagged as pocket gamers as of 2008, a lot of games had been introduced to the playing public. As the gadgets introduced to the same public became so advanced, the more games had been created. So far, the internet mainstream opens up to waves of online games that can be downloaded in mobile phones for free play. Considering the players, there had been a top 10 list but it was narrowed down further to 5, and these are as follows:

  1. Boomblox Java Mobile Game

Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox hit, this game was introduced to the market where subjects are all blocks hitting a lot of other blocks all throughout. It was quite a pathetic move which is like mirrored to similar other games where only the setting and the characters are changed. This is one diversion the director has created from his usual film directing trade. Many had questioned this move but eventually it turned out to be a hit game just as his movies are also blockbusters.

  1. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

This colorful game brought about today’s games like bejeweled, candy crush and a lot more similar games of gems and precious stones. This is a solid puzzle game developed by Universomo and published by THQ. This is a sequel to the earlier Puzzle Quest: Galactrix where a mobile counterpart is created in the same sense, in just a little different scenario. Characters and all other parts of the application is still similar to the earliest Puzzle Quest.

  1. Orcs & Elves II Java Mobile Game

This game was developed by Fountainhead Entertainment and published by EA Mobile. This made the mobile platform not just a device to call and text. This game had made the advent of mobile online game possible. When Tetris and Snake came into life, this game was not made into being yet. The power of modern gadgets opens up to good games such as this one which is a trend for teenage boys as  it has secrets to discover while at the same time it is a brilliant game to pass.

  1. Townsmen 5 Java Mobile Game

This Java game was developed by HandyGames and published by Disney. . That scenario of high-powered firearms and nuclear bombs is what you can typically see in this game. Complex and highly addictive online game gave players sleepless nights while the other who managed to sleep were dreaming of still playing the game. The addiction hit not just one specific area but all over the world had been tapped. This only shows how successful this mobile Java Game is.

  1. Playman Summer Games 3 Java Mobile Game

This game developed by Mr. Goodliving and published by Real Arcade is a clone of the Olympic Games. The marketing strategy acknowledged by this game developer is way too successful. This is a successful franchise on the phones as the game is so well-polished it earns as much audience as those of the newly made games.

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