3 Website Design tips that will convert Visitors into Customers

It all started with a simple click. Click after the click. Until my website was overloaded with customers from all across the globe. What I did were simple tweaks in the website design and luckily it turned out quite well.

So, here I am sharing those golden tips with you. I have shared these tips with several of my friends including a friend who owns a website design Auckland agency that started from his dorm room and now fully functional in an office. And yes, if you are about to ask these tweaks will work, they do. If you follow them as mentioned in this blog, you will be sending prayers to me from another side of the ocean.

So, here goes:

  • Don’t Make your users second guess what to do next

It is so easy to create websites that will blow your mind away. The design, the content, and even the usability, but if the user is not able to figure out what to do next, you are doomed big time.

You need to design your website in a way that everything is self-explanatory. Don’t let your users think even for a second where to go now or how to order from your website.

Put call-to-action button on every page. Make the design simple and use only one concept per page. You don’t need to overwhelm the user with tons of ideas on a single page.

Of course, make the usability as simple as possible that even a kindergarten kid can browse your website.

  • Grab the attention of your users

Psychology suggests that a person have an attention span of nearly 8 seconds. So, it is up to you to grab the attention of your user in that time span.

Use images, content, and even enticing headlines to grab the attention of your users. Make them come for more. Pick out their pain points and wrap your service around the solution.

No need to write long descriptions to grab the attention of Google spider. Once you start doing things that matter to your users, you will automatically create that fan base who will do the marketing for you.

  • Test early, test often

Seth God in in his best seller book said ‘You don’t need to wait for the perfect product. Just launch it!’ What Seth means is that it is only to launch a half-baked product.

Launch the product and see what customers say about it.Make them fall in love with your product and see how they are responding?

Give the product to your employees, to your friends, to their parents. Make them use the product and get honest feedback. Your family might hate you for starting your own venture, instead of doing the family business, but trust me, they will love to point out what is exactly wrong with the product you have built.

Give rewards for finding flaws in your website. And pivot your product from time to time to make it better.

To wrap it all up

So, here are the 3 tips that have helped me in the long run and still helping me out. As my friend from website design Auckland agency used to say “The day I started using these tips, was the day I started turning my visitors into customers.”

You can do the same by following these tips for your next venture.