Top 5 countries which are high paying for salesforce engineer

There are thousands of career options and it is good if each and every person get a perfect job in his or her interested field. Today we are going to discuss about Top 5 countries which are high paying for salesforce engineer. But before that let us see what is Salesforce and why we need Salesforce Certification.

Do you know what is salesforce? And what are the benefits of Salesforce Certification?Let us see what is it.

Salesforce: What is it?

If you are a person of marketing, sales and services then Salesforce is for you. Salesforce is a platform which provides various solutions which are cloud based in marketing, sales and services field.

If you want to do Salesforce Certification then you can do it from various salesforce training options which you will get on Internet easily and thousands of people have already registered themselves for salesforce CRM Training.

Benefits of Salesforce Certification?

You must be thinking that why you need a salesforce certification course and how being a salesforce certified person will help you in your career. The main advantage you will get is if you are a fresher then also you will be able to perform various tasks under your organization because of your salesforce skills.

As an amazing development is foreseen in the field of distributed computing and cloud investigation in the years to come, finishing a salesforce instructional class will li expand your incentive in the employment showcase as the business will soon be in huge interest for Salesforce designers, chairmen and business experts.

Top 5 countries providing high salary to salesforce engineers?

Now as you are aware of what are the advantages you can grab being a salesforce certificationstudent, let us look at which are those Top 5 countries which provides amazing salary to the salesforce engineers.

  1. Switzerland: An amount of $100,000 is paid to salesforce engineers in Switzerland.
  2. Norway: Being at the second position at the list Norway is paying $80,000 to Salesforce engineers.
  3. S.A: United States of America offers the salesforce engineers salary of worth $75,000 which is an amazing price.
  4. Denmark: The people who are working in the field of cloud computing gets paid $70,000 in Denmark. The place Denmark is also famous for global happiness.
  5. Israel: Being on the 5th position, Israel offers salesforce engineers salary $70,000.


Mentioned above are the Top 5 countries which provide high pay to the people who are working as a salesforce engineer. If you want to become a salesforce engineer then start learning cloud computing and if possible do the salesforce certification course. It will help you in many ways. Apart from these countries there are more countries where there is need of salesforce engineers. You can apply their and try your luck. You will definitely get a job with great salary package if you are eligible.